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crooked teethstraight teeth

After teethstraight teeth

This patient had been unhappy with her smile for most of her adult life. Her teeth had gotten stained, chipped, and decayed. Additionally, she had a lot of old fillings and crowns that were mismatched and misaligned. She was ready for a change.

We removed all of the old dental work from her upper six front teeth and her lower four front teeth and did some reshaping to fit the teeth into a more comfortable arch form. After wearing beautiful temporary veneers for a few weeks, she got used to having a greatly improved smile.
Finishing her case by placing the actual porcelain veneers at our Chesterton office was the icing on the cake. She hasn’t stopped smiling since we completed her case and is thrilled with her new smile. Getting such life-like, the natural result is a challenging endeavor, but we are all thrilled to have helped increase her confidence and enhancing her natural beauty. She can’t wait to have more teeth treated in 2011 to complete her Smile Makeover.
Receiving a tearful hug certainly made MY day!!! 🙂
Dr. Jim Arnold

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