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Cosmetic dentistry works wonders on people around the world. If you want to correct a profound flaw in your dental work or simply want a stellar smile to improve your appearance, cosmetic dentists can give you nearly anything that you need. Before you agree to any procedure that is going to have such a profound effect on your face, you should compose a list of questions that you want to ask.
Each patient’s list of questions will probably be different. However, here is a list of ten important questions that you can use to spur your own thoughts and concerns about a possible cosmetic dental procedure. Remember that you have a right to the answers to all these questions before you agree to cosmetic dental work.

1. Which Cosmetic Procedures Do You Offer?

You should be aware of all the options that a cosmetic dentist has available before committing to any procedures. You can save time and money when you get multiple procedures done during the same visit. You should also listen closely to explanations of these procedures in order to understand what type of treatment you will receive.

2. What Are Your Qualifications?

Cosmetic dentistry is not something that a dentist takes up on a whim. There are advanced procedures and techniques that dentists learn through various institutions in order to apply these methods in their practices. You should not be afraid to ask a dentist about the schools which he or she attended. In many cases, dentists are quite proud of their educational background. You will probably see their diplomas and degrees displayed in their lobbies or offices.

3. How Many experiences Do You Have?

It is not a dentist’s fault if he or she is new to the profession. All medical and dental professionals have to start with their first patients somewhere. However, there is no need for you to entrust your care during possibly complex cosmetic procedures to someone who has not acquired a lot of experience.
Do not limit this question to the general experience. Ask your dentist how many times he or she has performed the exact procedures that you are requesting. It will comfort you to know that you are in the hands of a veteran dentist when the procedure begins.

4. Can I Look at Before and After Photos and Read Patient Testimonials?

Cosmetic dentists are often proud of their work. Ask to see photos of patients both before and after their procedures so that you can judge how effectively your dentist carries out this work. They may already be on display in the lobby.

5. Do You Offer Sedation Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry patients sometimes want to be sedated during procedures for a couple of reasons. Some patients seek these procedures in order to correct profound flaws in their appearance. This requires a lot of work that can cause discomfort. Many cosmetic dentists offer this option.

6. Are There Financing Options Available?

Cosmetic procedures are typically expensive. Sometimes, insurance companies will not cover them because they are not deemed necessary under normal conditions. Due to the frequency of this problem, many dentists offer financing plans to help their patients pay for procedures over the course of several months.

7. What Kinds of Complications Are Possible?

Ask your dentist about the possible complications that could occur both during and after the procedure.

8. What Are the Goals of This Procedure?

It is important that you and your dentist have the same goal in mind before the procedure begins. You should agree on the expected outcomes so that you do not find yourself at cross purposes in a misunderstanding later.

9. What Kind of Materials Do You Use?

There is a wide range of materials in dentistry. Just like with any industry, there are high-end materials and low-end. The same goes for dental ceramics (lab) that create your smile. Make sure your dentist is using a master lab technician/ceramist.

10. How Can I Protect the Integrity of the Results?

Your cosmetic dental work will be expensive. It is in your best interest to take good care of it. Ask your dentist what you should do to make these changes last as long as possible without needing corrective work.

Cosmetic dentists are found in every community. For example, Dr. Lance Timmerman DMD (located at 7100 Fort Dent Way #270 Seattle, WA 98188 219-531-8914 is an expert in modern dentistry. Like many experienced dentists, he has a web page devoted to explaining his background and experience (see link above).