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Question: “I’ve suffered from migraines for more than ten years and have gotten very little relief with medication. Is there anything that dentists can do to help me?

Answer: You are apparently one of the estimated forty million Americans that suffer from debilitating migraine headaches. A relatively new device called the NTI-TSS is made in a dental office and has been shown in clinical studies to significantly decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches for 82% of migraine sufferers.

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The NTI-TSS device is the only FDA approved non-drug, non-surgical method of migraine prevention. It takes about twenty minutes to make in the dental office, typically costs between $600 and $800, and is covered by many insurance plans. It fits over the front two teeth and is very comfortable for most patients.

Many stress, tension, and migraine headaches are the result of bruxism (nighttime grinding of teeth) and/or daytime clenching. Many traditional nightguards or bite splints protect the teeth, but exacerbate the problem because they cover all of the teeth and provide an ideal clenching surface. The increased force generated contributes to greater muscle contraction, jaw pain, and headaches.

The NTI is much smaller and with its single area of contact, it significantly decreases the intensity of muscle contraction (usually by about two thirds). This decreased muscular activity often “breaks the cycle” and relieves the pain from headaches and TMJ disorders. My dental team has helped dozens of migraine sufferers decrease or eliminate the misery that they have felt for years, and over 500,000 NTIs have been made for patients worldwide.

Many people would do just about anything to prevent the misery of migraines and improve their quality of life. With this simple, effective device, thousands of Americans like yourself can now wake up in the morning feeling fabulous!